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What extra resources do we use?

Allocation of support and resources is needs led. Regular reviews of children's progress means that we know our children's needs well and are able to allocate resources as appropriate.


We use workstations; visual timetables; seating wedges; chunky pencils; support for communication and count down timers for pupils who require them.


We use ICT (Information and Communication Technology e.g. computers, digital cameras… to support pupils with literacy or fine motor skill difficulties.


We use a range of resources in school to help pupils engage with subjects they find difficult; practice basic skills and become independent learners.


We are always looking for other ways to support you child, so please let us know of any suggestions you may have.

The progress a child makes while accessing additional support is closely monitored to ensure that the support is effective and appropriate. If needed, further support or assessment is offered.

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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