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Children's Voice at Rolleston Primary School


We believe effective partnerships between children, staff, parents, governors and the wider community are central to the success of our children and we believe that the children’s voice is a powerful tool in developing the ethos and culture of the school and making change to benefit all stakeholders.


We value the thoughts and opinions of all our children and therefore have a range of Children's Voice groups within our school throughout the year. The children who represent their peers in these groups ensure that the views of the children have a clear forum and in this way they can help to shape the direction of the school.


Unfortunately, since Covid-19, we have changed the way we have our groups at school.


The school council will re-group as a social distanced group nearer to the new year.


School Council


Our School Council is an integral part of life at Rolleston Primary School and we are committed to listening to the views of pupils and involving them in making decisions. 


The 12 members of the School Council meet weekly. Officers are appointed for the roles of Chair and Secretary and children are able to add items to the agenda so that a range of discussions can take place.

First photo of our School Council wearing their new lanyards!

We have 4 Curriculum Zones across our school:

We looked at the different events we thought were important for our school and matchced them to our Curriculum Zones.

Children's Voice quotes about the dinner hall from June 2019 prior to our new lunchtime zones

Children's Voice quotes about the dinner hall from October 2019 after our new lunchtime zones were introduced

Character Muscles displays linked to our Route 2 Resilience work from around school 2019

Our Healthy Living Crew Traffic Survey

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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