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How we teach Computing

Curriculum Intent


At Rolleston Primary School, we understand that technology is everywhere and will play a pivotal part in students' lives. Therefore, we want to model and educate our pupils on how to use technology positively, responsibly and safely. At Rolleston, we have a broad and progressive curriculum encompassing computer science, information technology and digital literacy which are highlighted in the National Curriculum. We understand computing is a creative subject, has fantastic opportunities for collaboration and has cross-curricular links to moral and ethical issues.


We want our pupils to understand that there is always a choice with using technology and as a school we utilise technology to model positive use. We recognise that the best prevention for a lot of issues we currently see with technology/social media is through education and that technology can allow pupils to share their learning in creative ways. We also understand the accessibility opportunities technology can provide for our pupils.



Our computing curriculum follows the Boost learning scheme. The three different strands of computing including computer science, information technology and digital literacy are covered across each year group. Learning about computing begins in foundation with the use of bee bots and following/creating simple instructions.


At Rolleston, our children have access to different technology including iPads and laptops. In all classes, our children have signed an acceptable use policy and know how to use the internet safely. Our computing curriculum has various cross-curricular links and the children are encouraged to link their learning to what they have learnt in previous year groups and in other subjects.






Children use the technology they have to share their computing creations with those in their class. Our children are interviewed at various points in the year to understand what they have been learning about. With boost being a new scheme, staff have been given time to implement the new computing plan. Our children love computing and at Rolleston we encourage children to share their success!

Computing at Rolleston

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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