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Our Curriculum At Rolleston

Below is our Curriculum Policy. This is an overview of our curriculum offer at Rolleston including our Blended Learning offer. Feel free to take a look.


For more information about specific subjects, select the appropriate tab from the selection in the 'Curriculum' Tab above. In each section, you will find the progression map, knowledge organiser, vision and some fun examples of work for each subject. Please, take a look.


For information about the units of work that your child or children are studying, refer to the 'Classes' page. Here, you will find the units of work that your children are teaching across the year as well as additional information you may need to know about with regard to your child's education.

The Enactment of the Rolleston Primary Curriculum.


Our Our intention is to inspire young people to develop knowledge, skills, talents and character through a wide range of experiences; to use their curiosity and creativity to find ways of achieving their potential and to have the belief, drive and resilience to follow their dreams. Our pupils will be happy, confident and successful members of British society.


Our Curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the pupils at Rolleston to improve outcomes and provide them with as broad and balanced an education as possible. As such, a true curriculum should never be a finished product and should always be enhanced and improved upon.


 Below is an outline of how the subject leaders in the school evaluate and plan improvement in their subjects





Our curriculum review cycle

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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