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Meet Our Governors

Governor Membership

Our governing body at Rolleston contains members who come from a variety of different backgrounds enabling a wide skill set. 


There are parent governors, who are elected by the parents themselves, staff governors and co-opted governors who are people from our community. 


Co-opted governors are appointed by the Governing Body itself. 


You can find out more about our governors below.


Dwayne Toon (Headteacher)

My name is Dwayne Toon - Head of Rolleston Primary.

I started teaching at Marriott Primary School on Saffron Lane in 1994. During my 19 years there I led behaviour teams, creativity teams and ICT teams as well as spending 5 years as a Deputy. I started as Head of Rolleston Primary School in January of 2014 and have enjoyed building up a great team of staff with fantastic children who are a joy to work with.


Mark Durkin (Headteacher)

My name is Mark Durkin - Head of Rolleston Primary.

I have been a Governor since 2014. I am also an Academy Counsellor at Kestrel Mead Primary School. I am committed to the improvement of our school and understand that its role in the community is essential. Our children are absolutely fantastic and deserve the best we can give them. By sitting on this governing body, I can help our children even more to become happy, confident and successful individuals!


Karen Lambert (Chair of Governors)

My name is Karen Lambert. I live on the Eyres Monsell estate and I am a stay at home Mum of 5 children. Over 10 years ago when my children were at Rolleston I became a parent governor. I am now Chair of governors and I have enjoyed seeing the school change over time. My time as a governor involves working with staff and my fellow governors to ensure that all parents/carers and children are happy with the school. I believe every child is entitled to the best education and at Rolleston we like to help your children become happy, confident, successful individuals.


Becky Bunting (Chair of Resources Committee) 

My name is Becky Bunting and I work as a chartered accountant and tax adviser in a global accountancy firm. Rolleston is a school that means a lot to my family because my mum attended the school herself as a child and my grandad also volunteered here for a number of years and it was very important to him. I therefore wanted to use my finance and business skills to contribute towards the governance of the school (particularly as I also lived on the Eyres Monsell Estate when I was younger). As a parent myself, I believe passionately that every child deserves a good, well-rounded education and I am committed to helping Rolleston to deliver this.


Councillor  Karen Pickering (Safeguarding)

I became a Governor when I became ward councillor for Eyres Monsell. I enjoy the role because I feel strongly that opportunities in education are very important.


Rebecca Hubert (Staff Governor)

My name is Rebecca Hubert and I am Foundation Stage Lead here at Rolleston. I have been a Staff Governor for over 8 years and in school I am also responsible for our School Council and community links. I started at Rolleston as a newly qualified teacher (NQT) 14 years ago and am passionate about ensuring our children achieve their potential.


Daniel James (Safeguarding Governor)

I used to be a teacher at Rolleston and love the school so much. I wanted to remain involved and have an input. I love the school and the children taught here so wanted to remain involved!.


Zoe Walton

My name is Zoe Walton. I am a mum to 6 children, all of them attended/attend Rolleston from foundation right up to year 6. 

I believe that a good education is key to succeed in life. I hope that in my role as governor, I can help the children achieve their potential, especially the SEN children as I have a SEN child myself.


Louise Branstone



Jamie Porter



Emma Shirtcliffe




At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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