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How we teach Art



At Rolleston, we are committed to developing children’s love and excitement for Art. We appreciate the needs of our children and the socio demographic backgrounds of the children who attend Rolleston Primary,  therefore Art at Rolleston is planned around providing children with an enriched curriculum that will help our pupils develop their self-expression, confidence and the ability to become more creative. We aim to develop teacher’s pedagogy of Art, to ensure they have skills, knowledge and confidence to deliver effective Art lessons.

We will raise the profile of Art across the school and celebrate pieces of art work to demonstrate progression across the school.

We will being to showcase Art work across the school from years 1-6 and for children to articulate the skills/progress they have made demonstrating a range of art skills across the years.




At Rolleston we are developing the strength of recording progress in sketch books which enables pupils to revisit and review their work over a course of time. These sketch books allow pupils to observe their skills in drawing, painting and sculptures they have made over the years as these books will travel up the school with the children.

Rolleston is dedicated to enabling children the opportunities to create art work using a range of different materials/mediums. For example, in year 1 our pupils sculpt Diva Lamps using clay for R.E. 


Rolleston explores a range of renowned artist's works. We appreciate that our pupils may not necessarily know or have come across these artists in their personal life. Our curriculum opens the doors for children to examine, compare and discuss a range of artist's works. For example, Year 6 explore the work of Banksy and his art of graffiti and political activism. This allows pupils to discuss this type of ‘taboo’ art and also encourages a debate around political opinions and about expression. We want to encourage pupils at Rolleston to use art as a means of expression, particularly supporting pupils manage their own SEMH.

These artists have inspired many pupils at Rolleston and many pupils aspire to create unique pieces of work similar to these. An Art display in the hall is in working progress and will showcase art work from year 1-6 and these will be a reflection of the artists each year groups have been exploring. There are some mobile display boards available for Autumn 2023 which will enable pupils to exhibit their pieces.





Children are exposed to a range of artists to inspire their own work, increasing their cultural capital. This helps children to confidently discuss art and artists, which will support them when exhibiting their own work within the school. Children will become confident in their own skills as artists and build on their techniques as they move through the school. Children are successful in their art lessons and leave with a range of skills, including but not limited to sketching, painting, printing, colour mixing.

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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