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Summative Assessment

We are using Target Tracker as our method of recording summative assessment.


Formative Assessment

We are using two methods of assessment for formative assessment:

  1. Symphony assessment grids are being used for Reading, Mathematics, Science and the Foundation subjects.
  2. RMET assessment for writing.


Attainment and Progress

The children would be tracked in prior attainment bands from their previous key stage attainment.

Progress needs to be demonstrated, not just measured.

All data would be compared to National, focusing on diminishing the difference.


Key questions:

Who is on track to being expected at the end of the year group?

Who is on track at being at greater depth at the end of the year?


Ensure that the teaching is focused on the right objectives in each year group.

Each year group needs to embed the learning for their year group.


As a local group of school, it was agreed for reading, writing and mathematics, that children work towards the end of year expectations where Year 1 is defined as Grade 1W+, of Year 2 is Grade 2W+ etc. up to Year 6 being Grade 6W+.


With the mastery of that year being given as S and S+, this we are calling surpassing. In each year, we have step 1 and step 2 which provide descriptors for the milestones we feel children should reach on their way to achieving the end of year expectations (these correspond, loosely, to termly progress).


The descriptors for each milestone have been defined by experienced teachers and leaders in Leicestershire Schools and they meet the increased expectations of the new Primary National Curriculum. In the non-core subjects and science, teachers assess pupils at either emerging, expected or exceeding age related expectations.


How do we know we are consistent?

The school checks assessment judgements (moderation) internally, within year groups and across the whole school as well as with 12 local schools (development group) and the Local Authority. In addition, the teachers regularly attend moderation training and several teachers are trained as moderators for other schools. As a Leicester City school, we are also subject to moderation by the Local Authority.


How do we inform parents?

Formally, the school has three parent evenings per year, where attainment and progress information is shared. Every parent receives an end of year report which contains attainment, progress and effort grades.


Teachers are available to discuss attainment and progress at any other point throughout the year to answer any questions from parents and carers.




At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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