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Who's Who


Head Teacher

Mr D Toon



Deputy Head teachers

Mr M Durkin (Phase leader years 3 & 4)

Mrs A Carter (Phase leader years 5 & 6)


Assistant Head teacher

Mr C Taylor (Phase leader years 1 & 2)


EYFS Phase leader

Miss R Hubert



Miss N Watts (







Year Group




Support Staff


Foundation Stage 1


Miss S. Davis

Mrs P Wilson


Miss K Baggott

Mrs C Sutton


Foundation Stage 2


Miss A Goode


Mrs S Platt

Mrs J Vale

Mrs M Dishington


Mr W Stainton

Miss G Hadley

Miss R Hubert


Year 1


Mr D Brownbill


Mrs L Coddington

Mr W Stainton


Mrs C Goodhew

Miss K Langton

Miss F Patel


Year 2


Mrs A Townsend

Mr C Taylor


Year 3


Mr S Toole


Mrs S Morris

Miss E Bates

Mrs L White

Mrs S Summers

Miss C Gollings

Miss S Virdee


Year 4


Miss C Davey

Mr D James


Year 5


Mrs A Robinson


Mr T Wade

Miss A Derry

Mrs V Taylor

Mrs S Patel

Mrs T Conroy

Miss Z Hollis




Year 6


Miss E Scurr

Mrs N Garton





Additional in-class support 

Mrs K. Taylor – Autistic gp (am)


Other Teaching Staff 

Mrs S. Bailey – Reading recovery / interventions



Other Non-Teaching Staff

Ms D. Hardy – Learning Behaviour Mentor

Mr S. Bush – Learning Behaviour Mentor


Miss S Hearn - TA:Outdoor Learning and Allotment


Mrs L. Spencer– Family Support Worker

Mrs C. Sutton – Breakfast Club/ 1:1


Office Staff:

Mrs C. Holland

Mrs J. Pickard

Miss N. Barnes

Mrs J. Smith


Nurture Group Staff:

Mrs S. Smith

Mrs J. Bevans



Premises Staff:

Mr K. Maher - Premises Officer

Mrs S. Dempsey

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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