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Year 6

Hello Year Six parents and carers!


This is the page that tells you what your children will be learning about this year.


You will find our 'Long Term Map' which outlines the topics your child will be learning in each subject across the curriculum over the course of the year.


You will also find a ‘Medium Term Plan’. This tells you what the children will roughly be learning about each week. Here, you can see where each unit of work is taking your child on the learning journey over each half term.


We are also using ‘Knowledge Organisers’ this year.

A Knowledge Organiser is your ‘one stop shop’ to help you know EXACTLY what learning is taking place in the topic your child is learning about. It is easy to understand for parents/carers and children.

Knowledge Organisers give you:

  1. A breakdown of the learning children are learning each week.
  2. The vocabulary (with definitions) that the children will be learning during the unit of work.
  3. Images that will support your child’s understanding of the main concepts being taught during the unit.
  4. Useful websites where you and your child can learn more about the unit of work together at home if you wanted to support them.




Follow your child’s teacher on Twitter to get regular LIVE updates on what exciting learning is taking place in class! @Missortonrsp, @MrsWoolertonRPS and @sbryanrps


Regular updates also come by following @RollestonPri  

Medium Term Plans. PLEASE NOTE: this is a working document and will be amended during the half term

Year 6 Home Learning - Online Safety

English Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge Organisers - Autumn 1

Knowledge Organisers - Autumn 2

Knowledge Organisers - Spring 1

Knowledge Organisers - Spring 2

Knowledge Organisers - Summer 1

Knowledge Organisers - Summer 2

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