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Year 6 - Sport festival

On the 27th of January a group of children from our school went to Aylestone Leisure Centre to take part in a sport festival. The festival involved Boccia and New Age Kurling and the children from our school had never taken part in these sports before. This is what the children said after the festival…


“I think I would like to go again. I liked all the activities we did” - Aaron

Devon said “can we go every week?”

“I enjoyed Boccia because we had to go against other schools” - James

Jordan said “I liked the Kurling the best because it was something new. I enjoyed scoring points”" â€œI "really liked the Boccia and playing against other schools” - Lewis

Riley said “Boccia is like bowing. It was my favourite because I got the highest score”

“my favourite part was when I was helping the organisers. I offered to collect the balls and skittles” - Ryan

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