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Topic - Geography and History

Ancient Greece - We're looking forward to learning all about the Ancient Greeks this halfterm!

Volcanoes and Earthquakes - Our first topic of the Spring term

We spent the first part of our Spring term learning all about volcanoes and earthquakes.


We discovered how the Earth is structured, how volcanoes are formed and what causes volcanoes to erupt and earthquakes to occur.

We even compared the structure of the Earth to the structure of a Ferrero Rocher! We all had a Ferrero Rocher to take home so we could explain our learning to our families.

We also learned about what happened when Vesuvius erupted in 79AD.

This dramatisation of the eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD, described by Dr Margaret Mountford, gives a detailed description of this natural disaster which buried Pompeii and Herculaneum.

A Day in Pompeii - We imagined what it might be like to live in Pompeii as the volcano erupted by writing a recount of the events.

Our next topic was all about the Stone Age!

We learned about the different periods of time within the Stone Age before finding out more about how people survived in Stone Age times.  Then we discovered about Skara Brae and why it was of historical importance.  We also learnt about the Bronze Age.  Finally, we discovered more about the Iron Age, focusing on the discovery of the ‘Lindow Man’.

Our very first topic was 'Modern Europe'

We discovered all about Modern Europe in an exciting and informative topic. We learnt to understand the amazing physical and human geography of Modern Europe. We travelled around, learning key facts and exploring the varied countries that make up our European continent. We developed skills in human and physical geography and our historical and cultural knowledge of these countries as well!

What countries are in Europe?

We worked as a class to identify all the countries that make up Europe.  We had to cut each country out and place it on our learning wall in the right place.

Cracking Capitals

We have learned about the capital cities of different European countries.  We worked in small teams to research facts and famous landmarks of our chosen capital city.

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