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SEND Policy and Information report

Rolleston: Our Commitment to Inclusion


Rolleston aims to be an inclusive school.

We aim to include and meet the learning needs of all our pupils. We are commited to our pupils and removing barriers and ensuring access to our rich and vibrant curriculum. Pupils in our school with Special Educational Needs should never be treated less favourably than other pupils. We take many steps outlined in our SEN poilcy and Reports to ensure our inlcusive approach is fully embedded across the whole school. Our SEN  policy highlights our school approach to children with Special Educational Needs and how we work with them and their parents/carers meeting all statutory requirements and guidlines within the SEND code of Practice 2014.


Special Educational Needs (SEN)

A child has special educational needs (SEN) if he or she has a greater difficulty in the areas of learning, language and communication, sensory, social, emotional and mental health or physical than the majority of children of the same age.  

If a child is identified as having SEN the parents/carers will have worked with the school as part of our early monitoring and  graduated approach to supporting pupils. Together we work towards appropriate outcomes for all children with SEN , regularly monitorining and reviewing this process. 


Partnership with parents/carers/pupils

We want to work well with parents and carers by:

  • Inviting them to be involved in their child’s education by helping with homework, reading regularly and writing in the home-school book.
  • Encouraging them to tell us about any difficulties their child may be having by speaking to the class teacher or arranging an appointment to meet with the SENCo and coming to parent evenings.
  • Discuss and share ideas with them regarding the things that their child needs to work on.
  • Keeping them informed of progress through review meetings.

We can also give parents/carers information about how to get support from other places such as the Parent Partnership Scheme-SENDIASS.


Admission to school

We take all reasonable steps to include pupils with disabilities. Children with SEN will be treated equally with other children as stated in the school admissions policy.


Providing help

Where appropriate  we may also ask for parental permission to talk to professionals from outside school. These people may include the school nurse/doctor, a specialist teacher or sometimes an educational psychologist from the Local Authority.


We carry out school based assessments to ensure children are receiving the best help for their needs. The way a child receives help / intervention  is recorded on a provision map. Each year we allocate money from the school budget to employ teaching assistants that deliver effective interventions or catch up programmes and to buy resources. We have extra provision which includes a medical/changing room, disabled toilet, shower and a lift.


Help for us as a school

Staff at our school have training in SEN to help them to do their jobs well. We receive regular visits from support services such as  Learning and Communication and Interaction support services and Leicester City Psychology Service. These services meet with the SENCo to agree how to help the school. We also have links with other schools, these include feeder secondary schools.

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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