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We spent the first half of the Spring term learning all about magnets and compasses...

Investigating Shadows

We have been learning about light and shadows.  We investigated different shadows using a torch and a variety of objects.  We found that shadows are created when an object blocks the light.

Shadows in Performance

We thought this video from Britain's Got Talent was really interesting. The dancer, Jonathan Lutwyche, moves closer and further away from a light source, creating different sized shadows.

Shadows in Performance

We thought this was another great example of shadows. The dancers from Shadow Theatre Group dance behind a screen. The light source is at the back of the stage, which means shadows are created on the screen.

Mirror Maze

We tried to follow a wavy line on the floor by looking in a mirror above our heads.


Reflecting Light

We used a mirrors to reflect the light from a torch onto different objects.

Mirror Messages

We used mirrors to write a backwards message to our partner. Then our partners had to decode the message.


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