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Science at Rolleston

We chose Switched on Science to support our teaching of the Department of Education's Science programmes of study because, not only does it help ensure that all National Curriculum strands are met but also provides teachers with some outstanding practical science ideas. Below you can see our Rolleston science curriculum map and the national curriculum strands addressed in each unit.



Since our last inspection we have worked really hard to improve the quality of the learning and teaching of Science in our school. It’s been an exciting couple of years!



We have achieved the Silver Primary Science Quality Mark. Fundamental to the achievement of this was introducing Switched on Science as guide and focus for learning and teaching and the role of Miss Hearn who is responsible for a range of projects in school from Eco Schools, Food for Life, Polli:Nation to Outdoor Learning in the Rolleston Plot.

Our Silver award lapsed at the end of 2020 so we made the exciting decision to attempt to earn the all new PSQM gilt award. However due to Covid and the subsequent lockdowns and social distancing the decision was made to defer the process. We are now looking forward to restarting our PSQM journey this autumn.


Moving on we were successful in our application to part of the Polar Explorer Programme in 2018. The scheme gave us an exciting opportunity to bring STEM: Science Technology Engineering and Maths into focus for our school as we worked in partnership with our Polar Explorer Ambassador.



Pre-Covid, we introduced lab coats to our science lessons. The children loved feeling like real scientists and this in turn helped them identify with the working scientifically statements which are discussed in each lesson. With all of the lockdown and social distancing restrictions now hopefully behind us, reintroducing lab coats is definitely a priority.

British Science week Assembly March 2018

Teachers in their Science Lab Coats

We are covering lots of different age related subjects in science at Rolleston


Light and dark

Understanding of light and dark, shadows and how lights are used in different ways as part of celebrations



Identifying the different types of materials that objects are made from and discussing why they have been used for that particular purpose. In addition to this we will be looking at the origins of some of the materials e.g. whether they are man-made or not.



What caused that ‘racket’?

How do your ears work?

What do we mean by pitch and volume?

How does sound travel?

What do we know about the way telephones work and how have they changed over time?

Why do I like one type of music, but someone else likes another?


Will we ever send another human to the moon?

Famous Astronauts

Moon landing conspiracy theories

Recreating the moon landing


Mobile planetarium visit


What would a journey through your body be like?

Circulatory system

Links between heart, lungs, oxygen and blood

William Harvey

Impact of exercise on the body

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