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We think like scientists, act like scientists, which means we also have to look like scientists.

Some children have already bought in their lab coats and look fantastic. If you haven't already, bring yours in soon.

Spring 1 - We have been learning all about survival. We know what humans need to survive and what we should do if we were ever on a desert island. We had a great time building shelters and rafts and then testing them to see how strong they were.

Autumn 2 - We have been learning about light and dark. We found out what light sources are and how shadows are made. We had a fun time exploring making shadows using torches in the dark.

Autumn 1 - We have been learning all about our 5 senses this term. Have a look at our pictures to see us using our sense of taste. Some of us made a funny face when trying the lime. It was very sour!

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