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School Council


Our School Council is made up of 2 representatives from each class from Year 1 to Year 6. Miss Hubert meets with the School Council to discuss different issues to do with our school and work on exciting projects. The School Council plays a fundamental part in helping the improvement of Rolleston Primary and is run by the children.


We are pleased to introduce the new SCHOOL COUNCIL for 2018/19.



Preston & Rosilia


Muazz & Kyla


Nancy & Isabella


Maya & Layla-Maur


Isla & Nathan


Muezz & Corley-James


Nathan & Braidy-Leigh


Joanna & Marcin


Leo & Lexi-Leigh


McKenzie & Jessica


Tai & Amelia


Tiffany & Tyron

School Council Training with other primary schools at Sir Jonathan North Community College

Our first meeting of the new school year!

School Council helping with prizes for Decorated egg competition 2018

School Council Learning Walk March 2018

The School Council went on a Learning Walk around some of the different areas of our school. Here are some of our findings:




Areas to improve

School Hall

  • Bright walls
  • Artwork
  • Displays with photos
  • Reading area
  • Extra bins for lunch
  • More chairs and tables

Kindness Garden

  • Artificial grass
  • Benches
  • Light up tree
  • Broken flowers
  • Bigger benches
  • Make sure tree is on

Front of School

  • Colourful signs
  • More plants and flowers



“The Kindness Garden is nice with the grass. It is sad someone has broken the flowers. They need to follow the school rules.”

Hi Rebecca

Just a note to thank you very much for a lovely visit to Rolleston today. The children enjoyed themselves along with the adults. It is always interesting to see other schools and yours has a very cheerful and happy atmosphere.

I asked the children what they liked best, here are some of their replies:


"I loved making a new game in ICT and orienteering."

" I enjoyed meeting people and making new friends."

" I loved playing a big game of football on the field with the other children."

" It was a very colourful school - they have 'Eat A Rainbow' by the food "

" I had so much fun - the time went really quickly."

I think that rather sums it up!

Kind regards

Karen Cooper

Overdale Junior School

Meet the School Council 2017-18

Meet the School Council 2017-18 1
Meet the School Council 2017-18 2

School Council Meeting March 2017

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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