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Rolleston Welcomes overseas visitors

Here at Rolleston we pride ourselves on working with the wider community maintaining links with other schools, Colleges and Universities. Back in October we were approached by the University of Leicester and asked whether we would host a group of Egyptian teachers for the day. The purpose of the visit was to illustrate what education in a city Primary School looks like with a particular focus on Literacy and Numeracy. Of course we were delighted to accept such an exciting opportunity.


On Wednesday 1st February Rolleston welcomed 12 teachers into school. After an initial tour of the premises the teachers then spent the morning in classrooms observing the outstanding learning and teaching taking place in Literacy and Numeracy.


In the afternoon the teachers received a talk from Mr Durkin about Singapore Maths, something they showed a high level of interest in. They were taken outside and given a tour and talk about our Outdoor Learning environment and allotments by Miss Hearn. Finally the School Council enthusiastically showed them their workbooks and in particular their learning in Science. Some of the visitors were Science specialists and were very impressed with the standard of learning taking place and how confidently the children were able to talk about what they had done in lessons.


As the teachers left our school they praised the hard work shown by Rolleston’s teachers and the exciting lessons they had observed, in particular Singapore Maths.


We hope to continue such community links with other countries in the future.

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