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R Green Gang Sessions Spring 2 - 2020

Monday 16th March

Our last session - for the foreseeable future..... Some of us planted up some more broad beans, others decided to get artistic and got on with making cards and pictures for Mothering Sunday. Stay safe.


Monday 9th March

It was very drizzly today......

We have sown some peas (early onward), dwarf beans (purple tepee? saved seeds) and runner beans (saved seeds). And a few sunflowers. R Green Gang who took their pots home, remember if you need new pots to grow them on, let me know...

BTW, I have a couple of chilli seedlings starting to sprout


Monday 2nd March

Today some of R Green Gang planted Zinnia seeds to bring home - "Easy to grow vividly bright orange flowers" so it says on the packet....

They need to be kept indoors,  moist but not soaking. They will hopefully start to shoot after 14 days. I shall let you know how mine get on.....

The rest of the crew planted cabbage seeds. If they grow we are going to let the butterflies have them!!


Monday 24th February

R Green Gang planted chives and sweet peppers or chilli peppers.....


Everyone has chives in the smaller pot. The larger pot will be sweet peppers or chilli peppers depending on what you chose.

Put the pots on a (light not all shade) windowsill (on old lid or saucer) and give them a bit of water - don't drown or float seeds away! Check regularly so they don't dry out completely.

Finger's crossed some grow....





Summer Garden Gang 2019

A massive THANK YOU to all that came to potter.

Hope you enjoyed yourselves. See you next Summer coolSH



R Plot Summer 18

A massive thank you to Mr Maher and the volunteers from TCV/friends/family for the incredible transformation on R Plot and the Polli:Nation Plot

And Mr Dempsey is doing a cracking job with roof repairs and fixing the guttering to collect rainwater. I think I am the only person waiting for it to pour down so we can check they work!!



Our Achievements:


Eco Celebration June 2015 - International Schools Award (for key hole garden)

Grow your own grub 2015 - "Site with the most potential"

September 2015 - Eyres Monsell Horticultual show: Basket of produce-2nd place



Polli:Nation January 2016 - Lead School for our Polli:Nation cluster

Food for Life - Bronze Award

Grow your own Grub 2016 - SILVER 

Orchard Windfalls - Funding to establish our own orchard

September 2016 - Eyres Monsell Horticultural show: Basket of produce-2nd place

December 2016 - R Green Gang won 1st and 2nd prize in the Sunflower Competition!



June - Eco School - Bronze Award

July - Eco School - Silver Award

July - Grow your own Grub 2017 - Bronze

September 2017 - Eyre's Monsell Horticultural Show - 3x third, 3x second and 2x 1st awards

September 2017 - Regional Winners Celsian Sunflower competition - tallest

October 2017 - R Green Gang won Sunflower Competiton for the second year in a row - heaviest head



February - Food for Life Lunchbox audit

March - Great British Spring Clean

April - LitterLess 2018 Event at Abbey Park

May - Ward Funding for Big Eyres Monsell Tidy Up Equipment

June Polli:Nation celebration - Y1 with Ruth Staples (LOtC)

July Eco School Green Flag Assessment

July SNAG assembly re. lunchbox audit

Summer - Mr Maher & TCV transforming R Plot

September - Green Flag approved

September - Eyres Monsell Horticultural Show ....

October - R Green Gang/Wildthings Winners of heaviest sunflower head. Again!

November - Nick Packham (Buglife) Y1 Woodland Planting, RGG MiniMeadow

November - Food for Life Lunchbox re-audit





A big WELL DONE and a huge THANK YOU to everyone who helps us to achieve these.             SHsmileyx





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