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Physical Education at Rolleston

Healthy Living Week - F2

Healthy Living Week - Year 1

Healthy Living Week - Year 3

Healthy Living Week - Year 4

Healthy Living Week - Year 5

Healthy Living Week - Year 6

Year 1 dance lessons and CPD for staff

Move It March 2022 - Let's Go Rolleston

Move It March Pupil Tracker

Curriculum lessons

Pupil Voice on Active Learning


“I love being active in a lesson as it makes me feel happy.  I love doing practical things.  It helps me to concentrate better.  I enjoy it.  It’s like a physical explanation of things.”






“Active learning is fun and it helps me to concentrate.”






“Active learning helps me to remember things.  It helped me in Science to remember which order the planets go in.  We went outside and measured the distance between each one.”






“The reason I love active learning is because it helps me to remember things better.  It’s much more fun than sitting and doing it on paper.”





“One of my favourite active sessions was in maths.  We worked in teams, and then had to run and collect cards choosing the correct square numbers.  We also used Character Muscles such as confidence, communication and teamwork.”




Active Learning at Rolleston

Energy Breakfast Club with Dave

Sensory circuits with Energy Dave

Cricket in the class rooom with LCCC

The final session from the Tigers Reading programme

Leadership and Health and Wellbeing training - Autumn 2018

Year 5/6 school football team in the Danone Cup here at Rolleston - Autumn 1

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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