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Rolleston Mile

We've started the 'Rolleston Mile'...  Every week, we're going to aim to run a whole mile out on the playground or field; helping keep us fit and healthy!

Gymnastics - Shapes and Travelling

In Gymnastics, we have been learning to travel in different ways and create different shapes with our bodies.

Gymnastics - Balancing and Rolling

We've learned to hold our bodies in a variety of balances, including: pike, straddle, straight, star, dish, arch, front support, back support, and tuck.


We learned about different ways to jump.  We changed our take off and landing each time:

Two feet to two feet,

Two feet to one foot,

One foot to two feet,

One foot to one foot (on the same leg = hop),

One foot to one foot (on different legs = leap).

Learning about Germany and their football teams...

Today, we combined our Topic and PE learning.  Our ‘Modern Europe’ curriculum topic teaches us all about countries in Europe.  Today we focused on Germany.  We learned some information about Bayern Munich, Borussia Dortmund, Werder Bremen, FC Koln, RB Leipzig, and VfB Stuttgart.  We found out where in Germany these teams are based and what the human and physical features of the local area is like.  Then we held a mini tournament, imagining we played for one of the seven teams! Who do you think won?

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