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PE - Active Maths Autumn 2017

5AR have been making Maths more active but taking maths out of the classroom environment into the playground. The children work in teams to solve mathematical problems and actively travelling round the outdoor space to engage in learning in a multi sensory way to cater for all learning styles.

Active Maths quotes

“Active Maths is a fun way to learn. It’s also a great way to be healthy. We learbt how to round up and down to the nearest 1000, 10, 000 and 100, 000.”  Amber 5AR

“Active Maths is fun because it helps me to learn and be active. We do some team work.”  Khia 5AR

“In Maths we went outside to work on whiteboards. We rounded to the nearest 100, 000.”  Riegan 5AR

“Active Maths is a great fun and makes it much easier to learn.”  Izaan 5AR

“Active Maths helps me to understand some of the things I didn’t understand before. It was fun and energetic at the same time.”  Kieran 5A

“I remember working in 3’s to try and work out the right answer. We did lots of running about too.”  Ethan 5AR

“Active Maths is the best lesson in the galaxy! “  Dominic 5AR

“Active Maths is an amazing way to learn and a fantastic way to get moving.”  Angel 5AR

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