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Our Fab Lunchtimes

What happens during lunchtimes?

At Rolleston Primary School we have a team of lunchtime staff who ensure everyone is happy, safe and having fun! The children eat lunch in the dinner hall and then go and play outside on the playgrounds. 


The dinner hall

In the dinner hall children having packed lunches and children having hot dinners all sit and eat together. The children are encouraged to chat to each other on their tables and help each other. They are encouraged to clear and clean their tables before leaving the hall at the end of the sittings. Lunchtime staff give out stickers and Dojos to children for showing good behaviour and being helpful. 


The playground

Our playground is divided into different zones. Children are able to mix across the different playgrounds and can move between the different zones. There are lots of different activities going on every day - there is something for everyone!


Refreshment Zone - there is lots of room for packed lunches to eat outside on a nice day

Performance Zone - come to the red carpet area if you want to dance and prance!

Dancing the Macarena!

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Dancing the Hokey Cokey!

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Playpod Zone - a large selection of loose parts ranging from pipes, tubes, tyres, clothes, wigs, bags, boxes and more!

Games Zone - our Young Leaders have been trained and work hard every day to organise games with the other children

Activity Zone - some of the equipment we have enjoyed using so far: basketball, skittles, skipping ropes, hoops, space hoppers and more!

Discovery Zone - opportunities to explore strategy games, solve maths problems, use the beebots and practice on Timestable Rockstars!

Peaceful Zone - you can choose to read a book in the hobbit hut, play giant draughts or connect 4, chat to friends or enjoy some quiet time.

Energy Zone - Mr Stainton organises different sports for KS2 in this zone like football or hockey

Hockey training in the Energy Zone

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Lunch hall - a chance to sit with your friends,chat and eat lunch!

Information about lunchtimes

Assembly video June 2019

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At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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