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Mental Health Week resources

Dance Your Feelings with BTS

Video yourself dancing or moving in a way that fits the chosen action, using music if you wish - remember to tell us the action!

Upload your videos to Seesaw.

I Express Myself Through Art

After watching the video, create a poster about this year's theme 'Express Yourself'. You might create a poster about how you express yourself or how others can express themselves.

Upload your posters to Seesaw when they're finished (remember to find the activity and click 'Add Response').

A Journey Through Musical Emotion

How does music make you feel?

Think about your favourite songs and which emotion they evoke (make you feel). Video part of the song and say which emotion it makes you feel. Or, you could write/type your thoughts and feelings about the song. Upload your video or writing to Seesaw.

Express Yourself! How To Express Your Emotions Through Art

Choose an emotion that you're feeling now or have felt recently. Try to convey (show) that emotion through art. You could draw/colour/paint a self portrait or draw the emotion in a more abstract way.

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