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08/01/19 - We are learning how to add by counting on from the largest number as a more efficient way of adding.

12/11/18 - We are learning how to subtract and have been completing subtraction sums using a variety of methods to work out the answer.

31/10/18 - In Maths we have been learning to add by counting on. Children have been learning to use a number line to count on from a number as a more efficient and clever way of counting. Miss Patel was very proud of our class today and we earned a marble in the jar for our fantastic learning.

17/10/18 - Today we took our learning outdoors and were learning to add numbers using a part part whole (number bond diagram).

8/10/18 - We have been exploring different ways of making numbers using the number bond diagrams (part part whole).

13/09/18 - Children are transitioning into Year 1 and are enjoying the independent Maths activities.

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