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Mathematics at Rolleston

Our Approach to Mathematics


           At Rolleston Primary School, we use Singapore Maths to deliver a well-adapted curriculum that achieves our aims and vision for confident and successful learners in the subject. The structure and pedagogy of this method are centred on a mastery approach to mathematics that achieves the outcomes of our intent. Pupils are provided with a variety of opportunities to develop and extend their mathematical skills in and across each phase of education.


           EYFS currently use the ‘3-bridges Maths Scheme’. This is a scheme of work that links Early Learning Goals to the high expectations required to produce successful mathematicians in year 1. It applies the principles of Singapore maths as well as its high expectations and curriculum mastery.


          Key Stages 1 and 2 use ‘Maths no-problem!’ to facilitate high quality teaching and learning in the subject. Children provided with a rigorous and challenging scheme of work that ensures mastery of mathematical concepts that is underpinned by strong pedagogy. We adapt this scheme of work regularly and adapt our teaching and learning to meet the needs of all our learner. Teachers often apply ‘Golden Challenges’ for children capable of achieving greater depth.


          To build a more individualised scheme of learning, the school employs ‘Assertive Mentoring’. This allows children to track their own progress in maths, improve calculation fluency, provide assessment opportunities for teachers and implement intervention if/when needed for children who may start to fall behind.


          Furthermore, the school also is engaged with the ‘East Midlands North’ Maths Hub to further enhance and refine provision and learning in the mastery of mathematics to adapt and improve our approach.

See our policies page for the Curriculum Policy, Maths Policy and the Calculations Policy

Maths No Problem and Assertive Mentoring


To support your children further in their mathematics learning, Rolleston uses a scheme of learning called "Maths, No Problem". It is based upon teaching methods used in Singapore where children have a 96% pass rate in mathematics and they have some of the best mathematics in the WORLD. We expect that your children, because of the scheme, will improve their maths skills and confidence enormously. We tailor our maths lessons to ensure that children of all abilities are catered for and stretched to achieve their maximum potential while always ensuring that we use the 'CPA' Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach to mathematical learning across all year groups.


Assertive Mentoring is a new system that we have started to roll out this year. It involves weekly skills test of children in all classes that assesses the children's understanding of age appropriate mathematical concepts which informs teacher interventions, planning and maths starters. Summative, half-termly tests also ensure that out teachers' assessments are accurate and robust, whilst ensuring that children are constantly revisiting and mastering prior learning and understanding of their year groups maths objectives. Later on in the year, this system will be expanded to incorporate target setting and 1 to 1 mentoring sessions between children and their teacher. This will ensure that children understand the next steps in their learning in maths and support them in their aspiration to meet these targets.

The Importance Of Visualisation In Maths Using The Bar Model | Maths - No Problem!

Dr Yeap Ban Har explains a core concept of the Maths - No Problem! Singapore Maths approach; developing visualisation skills to gain a mastery level understanding of mathematical concepts. Visualisation skills can be developed by using a concrete, pictorial, abstract (CPA) approach.

What Is The Concrete Pictorial Abstract (CPA) Approach | Maths - No Problem!

CPA in Singapore Maths stands for, Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract. It is a highly effective approach to teaching that develops a deep and sustainable understanding of maths. Developed by American psychologist, Jerome Bruner, the CPA approach is an essential component of Singapore Maths. All Maths - No Problem! materials and courses follow this approach.

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