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Late/Absence Procedures and Attendance

Week ending

4th June 2021

Class% Attendance
Miss Baggott 88%
Miss Hubert94%
Mr Brownbill95%
Miss Rainbow92.9%
Miss Patel90.5%
Mr Taylor92.5%
Miss Burns97.4%
Miss Patel94.8%
Miss Davey97.5%
Mrs Hollis95.5%
Miss Virdee95.8%
Mrs Robinson95.7%
Miss Orton95.4%
Mrs Garton82.8%
Mr Toole96.5%

See POLICIES for our attendance policy

Milkshake Friday 4th October

Attendance Assembly Jan 2019

Spring terms 2018 attendance reward - Foundation

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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