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Happy New Year to all our Nursery families!

Welcome back!

This term is exciting in many ways not only does your children really begin to flourish but we have a busy term with new activities such as Bikeability starting on the 10th January. The children will be participating in daily Toothbrushing and every Friday your child will have Library time where they can choose a book to share with you at home.


If you haven’t already done so, please remember to register your child for full time schooling in September 2017. You MUST do this before SUNDAY 15thJANUARY after which your application will be treated as a late application. Your child is not automatically given a place at Rolleston because they attend our Nursery. You have to apply for a place in our Reception class. If you need any support with your application please see Lynn Spencer our school Family Support Worker as soon as possible.


Every week the children have Big Moves in the school hall. Please remember to put your child in shoes with Velcro or zips. No laces please. Thank you. This helps your child be independent at Nursery particularly when they wear wellies outside and take part in Outdoor Learning with Miss Hearn every other Monday.


We hope you are enjoying receiving updates of your child’s Learning Journey though 2Simple Parent Share. You can always email a reply or comment in response or discuss anything with us any time.

Thank you again for your ongoing support


Miss Davis and Mrs Wilson

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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