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April 2020

R Green Gang has had to stop until further notice.


"R Green Gang"


We will be outside every Monday & Thursday: 3.10-4.00 pm, if and when we ever get back to normal.....


Please collect your children from the office at 4.00pm 

(You will be notified on the R Green Gang News link, by note or text if there are any cancellations)




We incorporate eco/environmental aspects also - we are going to continue with our Polli:Nation School aims                                       ..............SH  cool




June 1st

The pinks have really popped now!! And the bees are loving the chives but are as anti-photo as I am LOLwink

Picture 1
Picture 2

May 20th update....

As you can hopefully see, the peas and broad beans are doing well. Herbs and strawberry plants looking OK. Fingers x'd the globe artichoke will go to flower this year - there is nothing funnier than seeing a bee dive in head first! Well it amuses me......

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4
Picture 5
Picture 6
Picture 7
Picture 8

We had a lovely display of tulips and hyacinths in spring - must see if I saved the photos somewhere.... A couple of sunflowers have so far dodged being munched (unlike the runner beans which are with the dwarf beans at home so I can look after them till they recover enough to plant out safely.) No zinnia's, several calendula dotted around (the orange one). The pinks have begun popping out and the sweet peas smell lovely. Other news: somehow the grass haired troll ended up on the grass and got mowered into many pieces. Too graphic to show on here crying


16th April

Hope you are all well....and being kind to each other


My chilli seeds still only have two leaves but I shall persevere


Not sure what I think of the garlic chives.....Hope you had some success with yours, those of you that didn't replant (drop) yours in the reading area...wink


We have some vivid orange flowers but I'm not sure if they are the zinnia or calendula - have misplaced pictures!


The peas are nearly ready to plant.


The broad beans had a bit of a blip, normally it is pigeons that peck things out but I saw the guilty culprits in action..... the chickens. Who don't know the difference between the weeds and the plants!! The other beans are still making their minds up. Will wait and see. Take care


Monday 16th March

Our last session - for the foreseeable future..... Some of us planted up some more broad beans, others decided to get artistic and got on with making cards and pictures for Mothering Sunday. Stay safe.


Monday 9th March

It was very drizzly today......

We have sown some peas (early onward), dwarf beans (purple tepee? saved seeds) and runner beans (saved seeds). And a few sunflowers. R Green Gang who took their pots home, remember if you need new pots to grow them on, let me know...

BTW, I have a couple of chilli seedlings starting to sproutcool


Monday 2nd March

Today some of R Green Gang planted Zinnia seeds to bring home - "Easy to grow vividly bright orange flowers" so it says on the packet....

They need to be kept indoors,  moist but not soaking. They will hopefully start to shoot after 14 days. I shall let you know how mine get on.....

The rest of the crew planted cabbage seeds. If they grow we are going to let the butterflies have them!!


Monday 24th February

R Green Gang planted some seeds to try and grow at home so we can enter the horticultural show in September....

Everyone has chives in the smaller pot. The larger pot will be sweet peppers or chilli peppers depending on what they chose.

Put the pots on a (light not all shade) windowsill (on old lid or saucer) and give them a bit of water - don't drown or float seeds away! Check regularly so they don't dry out completely.

Finger's crossed some

November 2019

Guess which school won the heaviest sunflower head on the file below









  ..............SH smiley 


Green Flag presented ! (by Lee Jowett)


Now to find a prominent place to display it...

Spot found, not that prominent -

have you spotted it??




June 1st 2020

Poppies are popping up, as are some ox eye daisies.....

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Better make some signs so they don't get mowed!!

Making mini meadow Nov 2018

Nick Packham from the organisation "Buglife" came to help enhance our "outdoor classroom".

R Green Gang had to work very hard (and very quickly - darkness was fast approaching) to rake and scrape the area so we could sow some wildflower seeds. Some were sprinkled on the prepared patches. Then there was the scatter sow - which was fun......

My favourite bit was the penguin shuffle to firm the seeds into the ground.

Fingers crossed the birds don't find all the seeds and that we have a mini meadow in the spring and summer.....     SH laugh

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