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Family Support Worker

We have our own family room in school where you can go for a chat with Lynne (family support), Lynne is in School Monday - Thursday and can offer support around children's behaviour, morning and bedtime routines and sign posting to other services

Easter at Eyres Monsell Children's Centre

Helping My Anxious Child 

A 90-minute workshop delivered online via Zoom for parents of young people aged 8-18 years old. We help you to better understand anxiety and how it affects children and young people. In the workshop we will cover a range of strategies to help young people better manage their anxiety. 

Dates for groups:

  • Thursday 13 April 6–7.30pm
  • Monday 22 May 6–7.30pm
  • Thursday 15 June 6–7.30pm​

Sign up online:


For any further information please contact Kate Harris on 07704 793 230 or by email

Food Parcels/Groceries from EMCYP, 170 Whitteney Drive South, Eyres Monsell, LE2 9AQ

To access food parcels /groceries at reduced prices and free food bags 

put Eyres Monsell CYP into the search box on Face book and it will take you to their page where there is a link for you to join the Pantry Membership : £10 a year or £2:50 a quarter will give you first priority to food parcels and an additional £2:50 will give you exclusive access to their food pantry which sells items for less than half the retail price . They also offer freebies which can be collected when advertised.

 Lynne Spencer   Family Support Worker

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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