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28/11/18 - Our shared reading text is The Little Red Hen. We have been writing about character's feelings using the first person, sequencing the story and writing sentences using adjectives to say how the bread smelt, tasted, looked and felt. We also took part in a role play activity where each group had a go at acting out the story.

31/10/18 - On Halloween we made some pumpkin soup. We are recapping what instructions are and will be writing a set of instructions for how to make pumpkin soup. We are going to aim for the stars and try our very best to achieve the golden challenge.

30/10/18 - We worked in a group to recite a poem. We used loud, clear voices and some actions when reciting our poems. We them gave eachother feedback using a star and a wish. A star for something that was done well and a wish for something that could be improved on for next time.

2/10/18 - We observed Miss Patel follow instructions to make a jam sandwich. We then had a go at following the instructions and making a jam sandwich ourselves. We found out Mr Toon loves jam sandwiches but we didn't have any left to give him so we wrote some instructions up so he can make a jam sandwich himself.

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