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Hello Foundation Stage parents and carers!


For those of you what are new to Rolleston Primary School, welcome! For those who know us already, welcome back!


This is the page that tells you what your children will be learning about this year. This will be built upon over the year. At the moment, it contains a topic web that tells you about the learning intentions over the course of the year.


The EYFS is build around child-centred learning where there are plenty of opportunities for the children to learn by exploring the environment. Our skilled staff constantly monitor, support and extend your children's learning within the environment and during specific, focussed teaching. We also use Knowledge Transfer Centre as a synthetic phonics and reading system to get your children off to the best start in education and the Three-Bridges curriculum in maths that links to Maths No Problem in year 1.


Please let us know if you have any questions about your child's learning. 




Follow your child’s teacher on Twitter to get regular LIVE updates on what exciting learning is taking place in class!  @MissHubertRPS , @MrBrownbill and @MissBaggottRPS


Regular updates also come by following @RollestonPri

Over the Foundation Stage, children will be working towards meeting the Early Learning Goals. Here are the progression of skills documents that show how the children develop over their time in Foundation Stage at Rolleston.

What is my child learning in Foundation 1?

What is my child learning in Foundation 2?

Summer 2

Summer 1

Spring 1

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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