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Blended Learning

The link below is for the blended learning we offer should a bubble have to close.

Rolleston Primary School recognised for its commitment to providing safe remote education.

September 2020 Curriculum Changes Summary

Rolleston Primary's response to the COVID-19 pandemic has, like every school, meant that there need to be adaptations to the physical environment, social distancing measures in place and contingency planning to continue learning in the case of a full or partial closure. Arrangements such as staggered breaktimes, dinnertimes, drop-off and catch up have all be designed to keep your children safe and well at all times. For any updates, please ensure that you are connected to 'Parent-Pay'. Support to connect to this service is available through the school office.


Since returning to school in September 2020, we have also focussed our curriculum around 3 key areas: Curriculum Catch up, Mental Health, Wellbeing and Physical Education.


Curriculum Catch up: 

Between March and September of 2020 children up and down the country have had their learning disrupted despite the best efforts of parents and teachers reduce the impact of school closures. With this in mind, Rolleston Primary School has refocused its curriculum offer during the Autumn and Spring terms to have additional Maths and English built into learning time. Timetables have been adapted to fit this in meaning that elements of year group's medium and long term planning may vary in comparison to the typical academic year. For more information, please follow your child's class teacher's 'Twitter' feed and sign into your child's own 'SeeSaw' learning platform. 


Mental Health, Wellbeing and Physical Education:

In order to support children after a significant period of lockdown and prepare for the eventuality of future closures alongside helping your child to adapt to the new learning and school arrangements in place, Rolleston Primary has had a tight focus upon mental health and wellbeing. Whereas we, at Rolleston, have an excellent record in supporting children and families pastorally, as can be evidenced by our 'Route-to-Resilience' award and 'Peaceful Places' accreditation, we have ensured that additional PSHE sessions are occurring daily in all classes, assemblies are virtual and regular applying 'YouTube' content from the school's own channel and using 'Microsoft Teams'. The current PSHE curriculum is already under review and this work will continue over the next few months. More information on the structure of the PSHE curriculum can be found at the bottom of this page.


Furthermore, with the link between PE and mental health being so apparent, and the possible reduced amount of exercise during the months of lockdown, we have enhanced our active learning offer. Children will, in addition to standard PE sessions, now have more active lessons in Maths and English through the day with regular 'mind breaks' or 'shake-ups' using learning resources such as 'Go-Noodle', 'Maths of the Day' and 'Wake-Up-Shake-Up'. Again - you can monitor your child's learning in PE and PSHE by following your child's class teacher's 'Twitter' feed and sign into your child's own 'SeeSaw' learning platform. 


You can also follow the links at the bottom of the page to find out more about PE and Sports Premium at Rolleston.

The Enactment of the Rolleston Primary 'Big Curriculum'.


Our intention is to inspire young people to develop knowledge, skills, talents and character through a wide range of experiences; to use their curiosity and creativity to find ways of achieving their potential and to have the belief, drive and resilience to follow their dreams. Our pupils will be happy, confident and successful members of British society.

How the Big Curriculum is organised


The curriculum at Rolleston is split into 4 zones: the Discovery Zone, the Exploration Zone, the Expression Zone and the Mindfulness Zone. 



Each of the subjects and aspect of your children's learning is categorised into one of these umbrella zones. The reason for this is so teachers, support staff and subject coordinators can work collegiately  to ensure that our curriculum intent is delivered to your children. Teachers drew inspiration from an individual connected to their subjects to further clarify the focus and vision for their Curriculum Zone.






Our Big Curriculum Journey so far...


The videos below briefly outline the journey and review of the curriculum at Rolleston so far. 

Phase 1 Part 1 June 2018 - July 2019

Still image for this video

Phase 1 Part 2 June 2018 - July 2019

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Phase 2 of out Big Curriculum: July 2019 - January 2020

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The 'Class Pages' link underneath will take you to your child(ren)'s page where you can see:


a) The Long Term Planning and overview for the current academic year.

b) the Medium Term Plans for your child(ren)'s class over the current term in all subjects.

c) The Knowledge Organisers for History/Geography, Science and Art that your child is currently studying.

d) Information about your child(ren)'s class 'Twitter' feed.

A Picture says a thousand words...


Our curriculum offer draws upon expertise and schemes of work across a broad range of providers and support. We then adapt, merge and refine numerous pedagological approaches to create our Big Curriculum ensuring that it is broad, balanced and based upon the needs of your children. More information about what schemes of work we use, and why we use them, can be found in the new 'Big Curriculum Policy' at the bottom of this page.


Below, you will find links to specific curriculum areas that you may be interested in learning more about...


See our policies page for the Curriculum Policy and the Calculations Policy

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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