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We use a variety of schemes of works based upon the needs and requirements of our children, community and the National Curriculum. We then adapt, merge and refine numerous pedagological approaches to create our Big Curriculum ensuring that it is broad, balanced and based upon the needs of your children. At this moment in time, for example, we are currently using ALS (Anne Smallberger Letters and Sounds) phonics for the systematic teaching of synthetic phonics alongside Talk for Writing in English. More information about what schemes of work we use, and why we use them, can be found in the new 'Big Curriculum Policy' at the bottom of this page and in the image below.


This year we have been working closely 'Schools 21' oracy project to empower pupil voice through spoken language. This links to our school improvement and pupil premium drivers. For more information about how oracy is used to underpin the 'Big Curriculum' click on the link below.


The 'Class Pages' link underneath will take you to your child(ren)'s page where you can see:


a) The Long Term Planning and overview for the current academic year.

b) the Medium Term Plans for your child(ren)'s class over the current term in all subjects.

c) The Knowledge Organisers for History/Geography, Science and Art that your child is currently studying.

d) Information about your child(ren)'s class 'Twitter' feed.


The links below the class pages will take you to specific subject pages were you will find additional information about the subject area and progression maps that outline the course of study that the children will follow for each subject.

Our Recovery Curriculum 2021


Since returning to school after the second school closure, during the third national lockdown, the teachers and staff have worked diligently at Rolleston Primary School to build upon the hard work that was put into our blended learning offer. A huge thank you to all parents and carers for all your support last year during the blended learning, bubbles and multiple returns to school. As a community, we can be proud of how we have faced the challenges of the past year and how the children have been supported by all of us!


Since the return to school in April, we have implemented and refined our 'Catch-Up Plan' and assessed its impact. Upon the return, we focussed heavily on the core subjects: reading, writing and maths. We felt that this was essential as lost learning was evident in these areas and without these skills being sharp and up to age related expectations, accessing our Big Curriculum would be more challenging for our children. This was supported by data and assessments upon the return to school and was in the best interest of our children. However, the extended curriculum has not been ignored. In April, we ensured that our full curriculum was in place and assessed the impact of the curriculum upon each subject using our middle leadership teams. Every subject has been action planned to repair, recover, enhance and improve learning across the curriculum and we are returning to our Big Curriculum structure. Long term planning, Medium Term Planning and Knowledge Organisers are constantly being reviewed and adapted to meet the needs of our children to get the best out of their learning. Teachers and all staff are working tirelessly to ensure that learning is 'sticky' (memorable), implements effective oracy, rich and provides our children with a strong Cultural Capital that fosters a love of lifelong learning.


With your continued support, we will continue to provide a strong, reflective and continuously improving curriculum that meets the need of our children so that they meet their true potential becoming Happy, Confident and Successful members of society. 




The Enactment of the Rolleston Primary 'Big Curriculum'.


Our intention is to inspire young people to develop knowledge, skills, talents and character through a wide range of experiences; to use their curiosity and creativity to find ways of achieving their potential and to have the belief, drive and resilience to follow their dreams. Our pupils will be happy, confident and successful members of British society.

Our Curriculum is constantly evolving to meet the needs of the pupils at Rolleston to improve outcomes and provide them with as broad and balanced an education as possible. As such, a true curriculum should never be a finished product and should always be enhanced and improved upon.


 Below is an outline of how the subject leaders in the school evaluate and plan improvement in their subjects.


How the Big Curriculum is organised


The curriculum at Rolleston is split into 4 zones: the Discovery Zone, the Exploration Zone, the Expression Zone and the Mindfulness Zone. 



Each of the subjects and aspect of your children's learning is categorised into one of these umbrella zones. The reason for this is so teachers, support staff and subject coordinators can work collegiately  to ensure that our curriculum intent is delivered to your children. Teachers drew inspiration from an individual connected to their subjects to further clarify the focus and vision for their Curriculum Zone.


Discovery Zone



Expression Zone



Exploration Zone



Mindfulness Zone








Our Big Curriculum Journey - How we developed, refined, improved and continue to evolve our Big Curriculum.


The videos below briefly outline the journey and review of the curriculum at Rolleston chronologically. Our curriculum development has been developed in 3 phases since 2019. the impact of the pandemic has meant that we have had to refine our journey over time, but the destination has always remained the same: a living and evolving curriculum that is driven by subject leaders, in response to the needs of the learners at our school.


Phase 1: Is summariased as the refinement of class teachers’ expectations and supporting the leadership core -this was monitored by the senior leadership initially.


Phase 2: During this phase, subject leaders took ownership developing action plans that link to, and help drive, the School Improvement Plan whilst ensuring strong Intent in every subject. Subject leaders were been placed in the right areas – focusing on interests, subject knowledge… We had to review Phase 2 in the summer of 2021 due to the impact of the pandemic upon children's learning.


Phase 3: This phase is about sustaining a continuously improving curriculum that is led from middle leadership though coaching by senior leaders in response to monitoring of the impact of learning within the curriculum. Following this, new lines of refinement and improvement will be implemented and enhanced upon (see the above section regarding the curriculum improvement cycle). 

Phase 1 Part 1 June 2018 - July 2019

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Phase 1 Part 2 June 2018 - July 2019

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Phase 2 of out Big Curriculum: July 2019 - January 2020

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Phase 3 of Rolleston's Curriculum Journey: February 2022

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Blended Learning

The link below is for the blended learning we offer should a bubble have to close.

Rolleston Primary School recognised for its commitment to providing safe remote education.

See our policies page for the Curriculum Policy and the Calculations Policy

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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