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5AR - Winterfang

Spring 2 - What will we be learning about this half term?

Science investgation - what happens when bicarbonate of soda is added to a range of materials? We had great fun finding out!

Theatre trip to see Horrible Histories - Awful Egyptians - Year 5 had fantastic trip out to Nottingham to the Theatre Royal.

Parents if you would like to support learning at home, how about with times tables? Children can log on and see if they work up the league, to become a range of rock stars. The challenge is on!

Spring 1 - What have we been learning this half term?

Spring 1 - DT - - for this topic we have been looking at the topic of bread Here we made bread to see the process and ingredients needed. It also linked to our English topic of instruction writing.

Spring 1 - History - Year 5 had a visit from Museum Services. We had a talk about Ancient Egyptian. We then had the opportunity to handle some artefacts, play a Egyptian game and mummify our class mates!

Spring - Bikeability. Wow Winterfang pupils worked very hard to achieve Level 1 and some children went on to also receive Level 2. Great work and praise from the instructors.

What are we learning this half term?

Autumn - Reading Champion celebration at Leciester Tigers. Our reading champions were invited to Tigers to meet the author Tom Palmer. We had been reading his book, Combat Zone. Then we went to do some rugby with Laurence our coach. As a special treat we then had a tour of stadium. That was brilliant!

Autumn - Tigers Rugby Reading Champions - click on the link below to see the video

Autumn - Tigers Reading Celebration - Well done to all our Year 5 Reading Champions!

Autumn - Cricket in the classroom with LCCC - Winterfang pupils having the best of both worlds in their lessons. Today we did maths and cricket!

Autumn - All good things must come to an end....the final session of the Tigers Reading programme.

Let's Rock - music in Year 5

Autumn - Librarian arrives for Best Book launch. Year 5 are very excited after getting 20 new books to read as part of the Best Book competition. Now it's our turn to read and vote for the top 5!

Autumn - Leicester Tigers Reading Project. Here some Yera 5 students have been devleoping their reading skills by working with Laurence from the Leicester Tigers. Reading and rugby what a great combination!

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