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3SV - Loch Ness

What are we learning this half term?

Friday 12th April 2019

We earned our 40 marbles. The children chose to make pizza’s and watch a movie.  They enjoyed making and eating their pizza's. Well done Loch Ness!


Friday 5th April 2019

We played bingo today because our class won best attendance!

Thursday 4th April 2019

Today the children took part in a yoga session. The children felt calm and relaxed. They enjoyed yoga and asked if we could do yoga once a week.

Wednesday 27th March 2019

Today we had an Ancient Greek  art workshop. A lady called Miss Webb came in to show the children Greek artefacts, they even got to try on some of the things. They created some amazing artwork of the different artefacts. Please check out the art page to see what the children did!

We enjoyed trying the soldiers armour on!

Thursday 21st March 2019:

Today we went to see the Worst Witch at the Curve Theatre. The children were super excited! I was extremely proud of them all. Their behaviour was brilliant and they showed their respect and good manners at all times. As I looked around each child was so engaged and absorbing it all in. They were laughing and dancing along to the performance. The children gave me some lovely comments such as:

 “This was the best trip ever!

“Thank you Miss Virdee it was so much fun!

“I loved it”!

Friday 8th March 2019: Today we had visit from a lady from the Dog Trust. She came to talk to us about dogs. We learned how to care for dogs and keep them safe and healthy.

World Book Day!

Route to Resilience!

This term we have introduced route to resilience. This is to support the emotional wellbeing and happiness of children.


Character Muscles!

There are 27 different muscles. Each muscle supports the children's learning. We choose 2 different muscles everyday for each lesson. Here are the different muscles…

The children helped to create our class display on character muscles. They chose a muscle that they felt was their strongest muscle and each child had to explain why they think it is their strongest muscle! The children are very clued up on their character muscles and are brilliant at identifying which character muscles we could be using in each lesson without being told!



Book Talk:

Today Alex from the library services came to share some chapter books with us. He has left Loch Ness with a selection of chapter books for us to read in school.

Here are some of the books he recommended to us:

Bronze Star awards!

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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