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Science at Rolleston

We are covering lots of different age related subjects in science at Rolleston


Light and dark

Understanding of light and dark, shadows and how lights are used in different ways as part of celebrations



Identifying the different types of materials that objects are made from and discussing why they have been used for that particular purpose. In addition to this we will be looking at the origins of some of the materials e.g. whether they are man-made or not.



What caused that ‘racket’?

How do your ears work?

What do we mean by pitch and volume?

How does sound travel?

What do we know about the way telephones work and how have they changed over time?

Why do I like one type of music, but someone else likes another?


Will we ever send another human to the moon?

Famous Astronauts

Moon landing conspiracy theories

Recreating the moon landing


Mobile planetarium visit


What would a journey through your body be like?

Circulatory system

Links between heart, lungs, oxygen and blood

William Harvey

Impact of exercise on the body

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