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Loughborough University visit.

On Friday 2nd of September, a group of children from Rolleston had the opportunity to go to Loughborough University and watch the National Sainsbury’s School Games competition. The day consisted of athletes from England, Scotland and Wales competing against each other for bronze, silver and gold medals. We had the chance to watch a range of sports throughout the day such as athletics, gymnastics, rugby and wheelchair tennis. The children also had the opportunity to take part in some sporting activities themselves, which they all took part and enjoyed


Quotes from the Children

I liked athletics because me and some girls raced and I had fun. - Cheni.


I liked it because it was fun and I liked seeing the gymnastics. - Chloe.


I enjoyed watching wheelchair tennis because there was people playing in wheelchairs.

I liked watching gymnastics because they were jumping over poles and doing back flips. I also liked watching people hanging on the rings. - Jordan.


I liked seeing the gymnastics, wheelchair tennis and the athletics because I have never seen anything like that before.- Macario.


I enjoyed athletics because I like seeing people jumping over the pole. I liked watching the people running for the Rio Olympics and last but not least the javelin.The wheelchair tennis was good because people were fantastic at serving the ball and it is interesting to watch them play in a wheelchair. - Megan


I liked watching people achieve with some of the people doing stuff which have disabled parts. - Mohammed.


I have never seen wheelchair tennis and I would like to go Loughborough again to see the gymnastics. - River.

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