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Growing on R Plot



Sunflower Competition 2019

R Green Gang and Year 3 were given sunflower seeds to grow....

I have been trying to grow some of the spare seeds but they are growing very strangely - long (up to 14cm), thin (2mm) and twisty with only 2 leaves.

R Green Gang have mentioned problems. I hope Year 3 are faring better.....?                                         SHcoolx








We are very lucky to have Jules from TCV to help run community sessions on R Plot.


Grown ups - why not pop along after your children have gone in to school

Potter, chat, dig in

Every Thursday morning

9 - 12, meet at the office by 9.15 (Refreshments available)





Family Green Gym

Every Saturday


Meet at sports hall gate via back car park




"R Green Gang"


We are outside every Monday & Thursday: 3-4.15 pm - please collect your children from the office at 4.15pm (You will be notified on the R Green Gang News link, by note or text if there are any cancellations)




We incorporate eco/environmental aspects also - we are going to continue with our Polli:Nation School aims



..............SH smiley 



Green Flag presented ! (by Lee Jowett)


Now to find a prominent place to display it...




Making mini meadow Nov 2018

Nick Packham from the organisation "Buglife" came to help enhance our "outdoor classroom".

R Green Gang had to work very hard (and very quickly - darkness was fast approaching) to rake and scrape the area so we could sow some wildflower seeds. Some were sprinkled on the prepared patches. Then there was the scatter sow - which was fun......

My favourite bit was the penguin shuffle to firm the seeds into the ground.

Fingers crossed the birds don't find all the seeds and that we have a mini meadow in the spring and summer.....     SH laugh

At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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