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Our Rolleston 'Better Behaved' Behaviour Policy provides a consistent approach to behaviour management

(Our full 'Better Behaved' Behaviour Policy is available in the 'Policies' page.)


"Good behaviour is a necessary condition for effective teaching and learning to take place."

At Rolleston, we collectively make it a place where all pupils are stretched in their learning and to ensure all our pupils achieve the maximum according to their capability. We have high expectations, academic rigour is valued at all stages and the classroom focus is on participation, challenge and achievement.


We want all our pupils to leave Rolleston in really good shape in order they optimise their possibilities during their secondary phase of education.


Rolleston Primary School ~ Our vision

Working together, we aim to provide an environment which is calm and purposeful, one in which our children feel safe and valued. We expect all our children to be happy, confident and successful. Our curriculum ensures that all of our children are excited by their future possibilities.


Learning Behaviours at Rolleston – Key Principles

Child learning behaviours are fundamental to our pupils’ future success. A key principle has to be that our pupils are positive with regard to working hard and embracing challenge. We encourage and expect our pupils to develop both independent learning behaviours’ and an intrinsic desire to grasp those opportunities available to them.


Behaviour will improve by consistently applying simple procedures that involve the whole school community. Excellent behaviour in schools is fundamental in ensuring a healthy, productive and vibrant learning community. Excellent behaviour is not an optional extra and does not happen by accident.


Behaviour must be planned, taught, practised, valued, modelled, praised and be part of the process that is a key part of school life. The management of behaviour is the responsibility of everyone involved with the school and it needs to be understood by all in terms of their roles and responsibilities.


The management of behaviour can be best defined as - the actions taken by the school to enable the following to be clearly evident:

  • An orderly learning environment that is peaceful and productive

  • Children engaged positively in learning

  • Everyone in the school feeling safe and valued

  • A welcoming atmosphere of co-operation, care, respect and good manners.


So what does excellent behaviour look like?


It is essential that the children know:

  • What is expected of them

  • When it is expected

  • Why it is expected

  • And how to settle, listen, behave, work and learn well.


Children & our school rules

It is the responsibility of pupils to make good choices at all times with all adults and pupils in school. Children are expected to make good choices by following our simple 3 Rules:


There are three diamond rules:


  • Show respect and good manners at all times

  • Follow instructions with thought and care

  • Care for everyone and everything.


    These rules need to be modelled by all adults in our school.


    ‘Children need models rather than critics’, Joseph Joubert – French moralist


    At Rolleston, we firmly believe that we reward the positive, not over-react to the negative.



At Rolleston we are committed to safeguarding our children

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